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A New Font and Ten New Backgrounds!

It’s back to school season for a lot of folks and it’s also as good a time as any to give your site a fresh, updated look with some of our new design elements we recently released! Last week we released not only a brand new font, but also 10 new backgrounds for all of our HTML5 products!

The newest font in our font bank, Parisian, is an elegant sans serif font that has a great art deco aesthetic reminiscent of signage in Paris during the 1920′s. Parisian looks great in a variety of areas of your site, from page titles to navigation menus, to content areas, and more!


That’s not all — we also released 10 new backgrounds into the background bank for all of our HTML5 products! Within this month’s set, there’s a lot of variety so you’ll be sure to find a great new background that fits with the look and feel of your site!


And since we’ve been releasing so many great new backgrounds lately, we decided to make it easier to navigate through them to find the perfect background for your site by separating them into categories! This is why you may have also noticed a change in how the Backgrounds area of your site’s Control Panel looks.

Now, instead of having to scroll down through our large background library, you can now select the background category you would like to view from the “Background Library” drop-down menu, and then select which background you would prefer from the ones within that category. If you select a different category from the menu, the backgrounds within that category will display, allowing you to view the range of backgrounds we have in our Background Library.


We’re so excited to be able to offer these fantastic new design elements and this new way to navigate through our Background Library for you today, and are eager to see all the neat ways you utilize them on your own sites!

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