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Ready To Do More With Gift Cards?


We’ve worked closely with some key PhotoBiz Ecommerce users to incorporate major enhancements to your Gift Cards. These enhancements will vastly improve the Gift Card experience for both you and your customers, and we’re pretty excited about it!

New Settings!

From your Ecommerce CMS, use the Marketplace tab to navigate to the Gift Cards section. Once there, select Preferences. You’ll …

Get To Know Kristi


This month on Meet our Team, we’re getting to know Kristi C. She’s one of our Passionate Support® agents, and she also helps our Research and Design team. Affectionately known around here as “The K-Bot,” Kristi enjoys the positive and ever-changing environment of the Biz, as well as helping clients, PizzaBiz, and Gary the Passionate Support Dinosaur. Let’s learn a …

You asked, and they’re finally here: Digital Prints in the Online Store!


With Valentine’s Day approaching, we wanted to do something special to make sure you knew PhotoBiz loved you! So we’ve been working hard to develop a long-requested feature for our Online Store — and that’s the ability to offer downloadable image sales within your Online Store! So yesterday we released the new Digital Prints feature, which allows you to do …

February 2014 Featured Photographer: Tim and Beverly Walden

4x4_350 About Tim and Beverly Walden

Tim and Beverly took over Walden’s Photography from Tim’s father in 1980, taking the studio in an entirely different direction when they developed their trademark “Relationship” Black and White Fine Art portraiture.

Today, they run a high-end studio, providing beautifully crafted portraits in an elegant studio with impeccable customer service. The Walden’s clientele know when …

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