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The PhotoBiz Store Gets Digital Downloads

Digital Product Downloads

We are so excited to announce today a brand new feature that is sure to get some people excited and out of their chairs. (Feel free to send us a picture if you do this)  The PhotoBiz team has put their heads together to create a unique solution to the digital download feature many have requested over the years.  This is a self hosted solution that doesn’t take away from your monthly photo plan and gives you much more flexibility!


One thing that is important to note is we do not host the files.  We are allowing you to host any file, anywhere and provide a link to the downloadable version of it.  There are many solutions out there both free and paid such as your own FTP hosting, Carbonite, and  Once you upload your file to a hosting solution, you can simply take the link and paste it in the appropriate section as shown below.


Along with providing a link, we have added a couple of features for you to control how long this file is out there and available for download.  You are able to designate the number of days that the file is available for download and also the number of times each file can be downloaded per order.

Once your client has purchased the product, they will be given a “masked” link to download it within their receipt that is automatically generated and sent to them.  This masked link is what allows us to help you control how long your product is available and how many times it can be downloaded.


What can you offer as a Digital Download?

There are so many items that you could offer as a digital download.  I will just put a few ideas out here but please don’t let this list limit you and your ideas of what you’d like to sell online.  Share your ideas below in the comments if you’d like!

  • Actions/ Presets
  • CD of photos
  • Videos
  • Digital Albums
  • Frames
  • Single Images
  • Logos & Graphic Design
  • “all high resolution images” (not condoning this, but it’s possible)


Remember, current PhotoBiz “Cart” owners, you can add the new “Store” until October 31st, for a significantly reduced rate! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to improve your E-commerce solution and reap the benefits that the new Store has to offer; all backed by our 30 day money back guarantee!


Hi what will happen to my old cart when I sign up for this one? Do I just delete it or can I convert it over to the new store?


Hip Hip Hooray! Yay - cant wait to have it :o)


It's already out! Let us know if you have any questions at all or need assistance setting up the new digital download feature.