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Just in Time for the Holidays – Grand Avenue BizSite, Store, and Blog Design

It has been said that there is only one place in the world where you can shop, work out, and visit a clown museum, and that’s at the Shops of Grand Avenue, the only major indoor shopping facility in the city of Milwaukee proper. The versatility of the shops inspired the bold new direction of PhotoBiz’s latest BizSite, Store, and Blog design. 

The “architecture” of the design blends strength with beauty, especially when vibrant colors are used. The menu bar is at the top of the design, with the page title (or in the Store design, page links) in a broad bar underneath it. If a navigation item has a drop down menu you will notice that each title has its own color-coordinated box. The social media icons are located in the lower left corner.

Grand Avenue - PhotoBiz BizSite Design

The prettiest part of Grand Avenue is the layered boxes surrounding the content boxes. We recommend using dark colors for these boxes with light colored backgrounds, and light colors in the boxes with dark backgrounds.

To continue the beautiful layered look you can see that each of the item boxes have a drop shadow of its own. Grand Avenue, as do all of our BizSite, Store, and Blog designs has a powerful text editor that is shown off in the typography on the homepage.

There are a couple of items that are specific to the Store design. First, all product prices are displayed in a box, which provides nice emphasis. Next the “View Cart” and “My Account” buttons are shown in a single box at the very top of the design as opposed to individual tabs as in other designs.

Grand Avenue - PhotoBiz Store Design

The design elements are carried over to the Blog design as well, with the layered blocks very nicely framing your posts.

Grand Avenue - PhotoBiz Blog Design

Special thanks to Heather Evans Smith for sharing her images for the BizSite sample, to Monica Burby of Photoumbra for her images used for the Store sample, and to Walter Van Dusen for his images used in the Blog sample.

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