Who Needs Online Contracts? You do. Immediately. Here's Why.
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Friday, January 29, 2016
By Carrie H.
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With any business transaction, it's second nature to sign a contract in exchange for a service. From cell phones to cable and even employment, all of these mutual relationships are bound by contracts so that both parties uphold their side of the deal.


Why is this important?


Well nobody wants to get "burned." As a client or a business owner, a contract gives you confidence that a set of terms have been agreed upon by two separate parties that promise to follow through by either providing or using a product or service.



Asking your clients to sign a contract is mutually beneficial. As a client, you're guaranteed that your photographer has reserved a particular day and time to be fully devoted to providing you their talent and expertise.


As the photographer, a client is agreeing to pay you for your services. In addition, clauses about session deposits or proper terms of use for images on social media are often included in the contract.



To streamline the process of clients contract signing, you can take the filing cabinet online!


Build a contract with your information, business terms, and what you require in regards to a payment timeline. Then gather the info you need from clients online without having to click the "Print" button.



Once a client completes the contract, they can be automatically redirected to a payment page to pay their session deposit. An alternative is to invoice them for the session fee. Both options can be paid online, allowing for a completely streamlined, branded, and professional experience.



You'll find a few additional benefits to keeping business contracts online. First, you'll always have virtual copies of every client contract in your pocket. If questions arise while on location at a shoot – or even when running into clients around town – you can pull up the contract and answer questions on the spot. No worrying about finding the hard copy they signed.


Also, all contracts are kept in a central location. From your PhotoBiz account, you can see exactly how a client has interacted with your business. Signed contracts, purchase history, and contact information is all logged in your online client database without you lifting a finger.



Even if you prefer to meet with potential clients in person, utilizing online contracts can still come in handy. Simply take a laptop or iPad along to your local coffee shop, show your work, and have the client sign the contract right there. No lugging around papers, pens, and receipt books.


Check out our full example form to see how you can take your contracts online. If you want some extra help, our Passionate Support team would happily walk you through the process if you give us a call!

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PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Eiko,

To build your own online contract, you'll use the forms tool. It's an icon at the top of your control panel. I'm going to have someone from our Passionate Support team reach out to walk you through.


PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Teresa!

Glad to hear you're excited about the ability to move your contracts online! I'm going to have someone from our Passionate Support team reach out to show you the ropes. It may not be Ashlie specifically, but I promise you'll be in great hands.


Eiko - Yes please you guys rock! How can I find access to this tool? :)
Teresa trobbe/ fotosbyt - Ashlie... I needed this yesterday!
Thank you photobiz Teresa www.fotosbyt.com
I like this - I like this. Is it offered by Photobiz?
Yessie libby - This is what I need!
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Awesome! I'll have someone from our Passionate Support team reach out to help you get started!
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hey Charles! It is absolutely offered by PhotoBiz, and is likely a part of your account without you realizing it! I'm going to have someone from our Passionate Support team reach out to show you how to build an online contract!