5 Reasons Why You Should Download The PhotoBiz To Go App
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Friday, August 07, 2015
By Carrie H.
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It's 2015 and we may not get ourselves around town via hoverboard, but I'm willing to bet Marty McFly would be impressed with the technology in the world.


Why? Because smartphones.


That little computer in your hand is amazing. You can run your life with it, and your business. The smartphone is a lifeline to communicate with clients, business partners, and those we love. The power to send emails, connect on social media, video chat, or call someone is in our pocket at all times.


That's why we created the PhotoBiz To Go. It's an app we made exclusively for our customers to manage their business from anywhere.


Are you using PhotoBiz To Go? Let me show you 5 reasons why you should:



1. It's FREE! Zero dollars. Simply open the app, enter the login info for your PhotoBiz account, and you're all set!


2. Manage Your CONTACTS

  • Existing contacts: view contact details, add tags, relationship info, orders, any form submissions, event registrations, and invoices.
  • New contacts: Run into a business lead while you're out and about? Add them to your contact database via your mobile device.
  • Contact Tags: Organize your contacts using flexible and descriptive tags.




  • Send messages: communicate with leads and buyers through a branded experience without leaving the app.
  • Receive messages: read notices from leads and buyers from within the app
  • Communication history: each written email is stored as one conversation back and forth in your contact file



4. Manage Your ACCOUNT

  • Edit your account login email and password
  • Get Passionate Support - tap to call our Passionate Support © Team or submit a ticket
  • Manage the credit card you have on the account



  • Get a notification that you have an order, blog comment, or form submission.



If you have the following PhotoBiz products activated on your account, the following features will unlock in the app:

Functional POINT-OF- SALE 

  • Collect Payments: Process credit card payments for sales on the go. Works with a variety of merchants.
  • Send Invoices: Email invoices for goods or services and process payment
  • Access Saved Items: Choose from saved popular items you sell for easy access
  • Charge Taxes & Shipping: Choose if items are taxable and at what rate, and if you charge shipping
  • Create Custom Items: Set up a new custom item to sell as you go
  • Sell anything, anytime, anywhere.


Manage ONLINE STORE orders

  • Manage Orders: View orders, update order statuses, resend email receipts, and change payment statuses.
  • Access Saved Carts: View the contents of your customers' Saved Carts.
  • Manage Events: Edit event names, update expiration dates, and edit access codes.
  • Manage Coupons: Edit discount codes, descriptions, start dates, expiration dates, number of uses, and discount amounts.



Manage your BLOG

  • Update Posts: Edit post title, post author, comment settings, post tags, live or draft statuses.
  • Manage Comments: Approve and delete comments.
  • Manage Tags: Update and delete tags on individual posts.
  • View Blog: Use the quick link to view your Blog.
  • Comments: Approve and delete comments.



Managing your business can be easier. Take a minute and download PhotoBiz to Go from the App Store. Android users...the newest version of the app will be available for you in the Google Play store in the next couple of weeks. As a PhotoBiz customer, you'll be able to stay on top of customer communications, and tweak elements of your online presence anytime and anywhere.



If you'd like a quick walk-through of PhotoBiz to Go, and how it can work with your PhotoBiz account, let our Passionate Support Team help! Call us at (866) 463-7620!

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