Camera Artists Summit 2016 ... ROCK THAT!
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016
By Holly H
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There's no equal to the positive energy and enthusiasm that follows Shawn Lee. His passion and charisma fill up a room and are obvious in everything he does — from award-winning photography and public speaking to being a mentor, philanthropist and a leading voice in his community.


This weekend we were thrilled to be invited to attend Shawn's Camera Artists Summit Photography Conference in Detroit!


Shawn brought together photography greats, motivational speakers, business strategists and technology partners to light a fire under photographers of all skill levels.

Attendants were busy honing their craft and learning from masters in classes, workshops, demonstrations, and photography walks.


Our very own Brent C – the Sultan of Strategy, the Motor City Math Master – gave a talk on how to make a website that works best for business.

THANK YOU to Shawn Lee and the conference organizers for letting us be a part of the Camera Artists Summit – and for empowering photographers and entrepreneurs everywhere to ROCK THAT!