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Thursday, April 02, 2015
By Hashim W.
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Since its launch in February, our Client Relationship Builder is already changing the way our customers gather information and communicate with clients. In seeing how forms and conversations are being used, we identified a few areas where the two features could work even more seamlessly.


Talk to Me


First up, when a form is submitted through your website, the email you receive will have a "Start a Conversation" button.


It's designed to work effortlessly on both mobile devices and computers, so either you as the business owner, or your customer can choose to start a conversation from the submission email.



Let's Tag Team


Up next is the ability to tag forms in order to classify them in different groups. The tag icon will be on the left corner of the form editor and you'll automatically see the first three tags displayed. To add more, simply click on the tag icon or the text.



Invite Your Friends


Not only can you share a form on social media, or embed it anywhere you want, you can also share your form by email. When sharing a form via email, it's now possible to add multiple email addresses in the "To" field, separated by commas. Additionally, you can add a custom "Subject" and "Message" to the email.


Once you send out a form invite, your client will receive a branded email with your logo, the custom subject and message, and a button to view the form.


Our Client Relationship Builder is a great tool organizing your business contacts and leads, and communicating effectively with individuals and groups of people. This leads to stronger client relationships and eventually brand loyalty.


Want to know more about our client relationship tools? Check out more info on our Client Relationship Builder, or give our Passionate Support Team a call.  

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