How PhotoBiz Will Help Your Business Grow in 2015 (hint: More Repeat Buyers)
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Monday, January 05, 2015
By Hashim W.
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At PhotoBiz we give you the tools you need to gain more customers and charge what you’re worth. But just generating more sales can be fool’s gold if you don’t have a way to turn first time buyers into repeat clients. As you know, customer loyalty is the key to running a long-term, profitable business.


That’s why we’re so excited to give all PhotoBiz users our new Client Relationship Builder, a suite of tools that will help you keep customers for life.


Introducing: The PhotoBiz Client Relationship Builder


Starting in February you’ll see three new features in your PhotoBiz account:


1. Visual Form Builder - make attractive forms faster than ever. You don’t need to use (or pay for) any third-party form software.

2. Integrated Contact Management - automatically save client details no matter how it’s submitted. Contact information from forms, invoices, and sales all appear on the same screen!

3. In-line Conversation Tool - communicate with clients and keep track of your discussions, all without opening up your overloaded email program.

We can’t wait to see how you begin generating goodwill with your buyers using our new Client Relationship Builder!


How Sandy Puc’ Builds Client Relationships


Recently PhotoBiz customer Sandy Puc’ ran a class for up-and-coming photographers who wanted to learn how to make the leap from hobbyists to thriving business owners.


Sandy explained that in her business she mistakenly sought more profitability by ending her “Watch Me Grow” program, a service where she would shoot new families over the course of the children’s lives. “Watch Me Grow” had the lowest sales averages of any packages she offered, so it seemed to make sense to cut it, right?


Not so fast. After a long stretch of dealing exclusively with higher paying clients, Sandy found herself in a cash crisis. Her revenue per customer was up, but her sales volume (and profit) had fallen off a cliff.


That’s when Sandy had an epiphany - long-term client relationships were the pulse of her business. And “Watch Me Grow” was the beating heart.


“The day I cut off the baby program was the day I cut off that connection,” Sandy taught her students. Ending “Watch Me Grow” had been slowly killing her business.


Sandy quickly revamped the offer and began growing her studio with it again. "Our goal really isn’t necessarily to get as many clients as we can,” Sandy explained. “Our goal is to create those lasting relationships"


Get Started for Free


With the new Client Relationship Builder a business like Sandy’s can use PhotoBiz Forms, Contacts, and Conversations tools to connect with customers over the long haul. And best of all you can start with the suite for free. Look for the Client Relationship Builder in your PhotoBiz control panel soon.


Imagine ushering a free consultation into a new booking, and then gaining a testimonial and referral from that same happy client. That's how we'll help you grow in 2015!

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