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Friday, March 10, 2017
By Holly H
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To us, there isn’t anything more fun than building websites.


YOU on the other hand, are busy. Like REALLY busy. And most people we talk to would rather have someone else just do it for them.


So that’s just what we’re going to do for all our new customers starting right this very moment. 


Yep, you heard right. When you sign up with PhotoBiz, every website gets a free JUMPSTART. 


Instead of starting with a blank website, you'll work with your personal Brand Consultant who will build your pages for you using your words and images. 


Just send us a dropbox link and we'll start popping in your pics and filling up pages with your wonderful words.


Tell what kind of style and colors you're looking for, and we'll make your design happen using our tweakable template library. (And if you want something REALLY special, our stellar design team is always here to lend a hand with a custom service.)


When we get everything right, you can go ahead and launch your new site. We've seen people go live within days of signing up. It's a truly incredible service and value.


Ain't nobody else out there doing this, folks. Not Squarespace. Not Wix. Nada. And it's all thanks to Blake, Jeffrey and Sarah: The "Welcome Dream Team!"

The Welcome Dream Team

We started testing this program last month, and the response has been INCREDIBLE. 


In February, the team helped 100 new websites go live. 10 days into March and they've already launched 32.


The speed at which we're helping people launch their websites has been cut in HALF. Clients are thrilled and we're getting all kinds of rave reviews about it on our Facebook page and through email. 



"Purchased Monday and LIVE by FRIDAY!
Sarah S is not only super friendly but incredibly
patient and helpful! If I were able to give them
better than a 5-star review, I absolutely would!" 

– Heather Blackston

After your beautiful website is built, the rest of our Passionate Support team is here to show you around the rest of your free PhotoBiz tools. 


Your proofing galleries, store, form builder, blog editor, customer database and email marketing suite. Because the more you know, the more you'll love your website. 


And if there's anything we like more than building websites, it's making our customers ridiculously happy :)


Sign up for your website at PhotoBiz.com or call us at (866) 463-7620. We can't wait to help you build your website!

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Holly H - Hi, Sylvia! This is a SUPER great question. I spoke to Alex, our SEO guy, and here's what he had to say:

Google weighs all Top-Level Domains equally (.com, .net, .pizza...), so there's no impact in search engines for choosing a .net over a .com.

However... a .com is easier for people to remember, and they trust it a bit more. (75% of all domains are .com.)

Changing your domain will impact your search rank because the AGE of your domain is a BIG ranking factor. Also, your pages will need to be re-indexed.

So you have to weigh the benefits of having a more recognizable ".com" with the short-term cost of being re-indexed by search engines under a newer domain.

Here's the thing: If most of your sales come from people searching for you on Google, then you should probably leave it alone! But if you're unhappy with your current performance, I don't see a harm in making the change.

Thank you for asking! This is a question I know a lot of people agonize over. I'm going to get Alex to elaborate more on "How To Pick A Domain Name" later today... stay tuned!
Sylvia - I have a domain name with ".net". For some reason I couldn't get ".com". Is the .net okay or would .com be better. And if so would I be able to change it to .com?