Why Hiram Trillo Chooses PhotoBiz
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Wednesday, April 05, 2017
By Holly H
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International wedding photographer Hiram Trillo has been using PhotoBiz for 10 years. 


10 years! In a world where things change so fast, why has he stuck around so long?


Hiram came to visit us a few weeks ago, so we asked him! It turns out that for Hiram, customer service is key.

Hiram admits that he's not web savvy. He's a talented photographer. He invests his time into honing his craft and taking gorgeous photographs.


Why should he have to learn how to build a website, too?


In PhotoBiz, he's found a partner who's always willing to lend a hand. We gladly take care of his website, help him build and adapt to changing technology, and offer truly Passionate Support.


He knows he can rely on our team to keep his website looking great, ranking well, and performing for him even when he's not there to manage it. And having a partner like that is as good as gold. 


This is not something we just offer to Hiram – it's a service we provide to all of our clients. From giving you a jumpstart when building your website, to offering proactive support and updates.


It sounds cheesy, but we really love helping our clients succeed.


We are thrilled to have awesome customers like Hiram who continue to choose PhotoBiz after more than a decade. And we hope to continue making friends for life while supporting them with phenomenal customer care.



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Heman - Hi, I have been using Photobiz for over 6 years or so now. The customer service has been Fantastic, so i'm still here. Thank you to the staff at PB.