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Our Fourth New HTML5 Portfolio Site Design – Stone Beach

Just a “stone’s throw” from excavations of Roman villas that had been preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, visitors are positively shocked as Stone Beach is like a tropical island amidst the hardened lava.

In this new HTML5 Portfolio Site design you will find three little “pebbles” in each corner of a thick border that frames your images, which were inspired by Stone Beach. The thick border can be branded with your color scheme, and offsets your images from the background of your website, giving you the perfect opportunity to make use of our inventory of background options, or to upload a unique pattern of your own.

Stone Beach HTML5 Portfolio Site Design

Slightly above the border, separated by a thin margin that allows your background to peak through is the menu bar shown in its own box.  Above this is your logo that can align left, right, or center. Social media icons are positioned in the lower left corner to complete the structure of Stone Beach. Our unique color shifting technology can be applied to the menu items and drop-down menu.

Stone Beach HTML5 Portfolio Site Design

The Gallery pages shows off the border and pebble motif at its best. The thumbnails to the left of the border with up and down scrolling arrows really add to the overall attractiveness of the page.

Stone Beach is sure to impress your customers and take your business to the next level. The transitions and options are so impressive you’ll think its Flash, but you can see them on all internet devices and browsers. That is one of the great aspects of our enhanced HTML5 Portfolio Site designs.

Special thanks to Aubrey Hord of Kahului, HI for sharing her images for the sample of the Stone Beach HTML5 Portfolio Site design!

To find out more about Stone Beach and all of our HTML5 Portfolio Site designs, visit our HTML5 Portfolio Site product page.

View Stone Beach HTML5 Portfolio Site Sample

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