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Bigger Than Ever; Key West HTML5 Portfolio Site Design

Home to Jimmy Buffett, Mel Fisher, Ernest Hemingway, Calvin Klein, and scores of other famous people, Key West, like its infamous Fantasy Fest just has to be seen to be believed!

This is PhotoBiz’s first all new Full Screen HTML5 Portfolio Site design. First and foremost, Key West, is our chance to introduce you to PhotoBiz HD images (much more about this in a separate blog, feel the love!). Your images already look great, and now with HD displays on PhotoBiz Portfolio Sites like this new HTML5 design, Key West, they can look even better!

Key West - PhotoBiz HTML5 Portfolio Site Design


In this new design, almost nothing will stand between your website visitors and your images, as the images spread fully across the screen with color coordinated bars on the left and right sides. The menu bar is at the top and semi-transparent to let your images peek through, and very easy to navigate. The menu bar especially pops when color shifting is applied to the selected menu item and drop-down menu background color. The logo can be displayed in the lower left or right corner, while the social media icons float in the lower left corner.

The Key West design is really all about the gallery pages. When a gallery page first comes up the menu bar at the top and the thumbnail images at the bottom are set to about 20% opacity so that visitors can continue to see the full images peek through. The slideshow forward/back arrows and pause button will disappear after a few seconds so that only your spectacular images and your logo are shown. Moving the mouse over any part of the page brings the arrows and buttons back and hovering over any menu item or thumbnail image will display them at 100% opacity for easy navigation and viewing.

Key West - PhotoBiz HTML5 Portfolio Site Design

For information type pages an opaque panel serves as the background for your text and forms. Seeing truly is believing and the screen shots in this blog really don’t do Key West justice. You really should check out the live sample site and let us know what you think of PhotoBiz HD!

Special thanks to Steven Horejsi of Joseph Stevens Photography, voted 2012’s best Professional Wedding Photographer in Atlanta, GA for sharing his images for the sample of the Key West design!

We’ve put a lot of pizzazz into creating this design, and we hope you enjoy it. The Key West HTML5 Portfolio Site design is now available in your PhotoBiz Control Panel! If you are a current PhotoBiz HTML5 customer, you can switch to this new design for free with one click of your mouse. If you want to preview it first, no problem, there is a one-click preview feature as well.

View Key West HTML5 Portfolio Site Sample

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