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10 New Songs added to Music Bank!

We are excited to announce the addition of 10 new songs from recording artist Moby to our music bank! We heard your request for new music and listened! The following ten Moby songs join the 33 existing free music selections made available to PhotoBiz customers giving you a total of 43 royalty free songs to choose from on your website, not to mention you can upload your own music!

Song Titles



We Start

Drug Police


All is Perfect 


A Freak


Chord Sounds


Our system allows you to use a different song for each and every gallery of your website including your home page!  It’s easy to upload into your Music/PDF Library (in the upper right corner of your control panel).  Once your music is there, you are free to use it anywhere on your site.  These new Moby songs are sure to be a great addition to any PhotoBiz website!  To access the new Moby songs, head over to your Control Panel and navigate to the Gallery you wish to select the song for. From here, you will click on “Slideshow Music” and scroll down to see the new Moby music selections!

In case you missed our last update, you can now play up to 3 songs continuously on your website. You can choose for these songs to loop as your visitors peruse your site.  If you prefer, you can also have three different songs loop on each individual gallery including your home page.

Further, we made it incredibly easy for you!  Once you are on any page in your control panel, you will notice two tabs at the top “Images” and “Details”.  As you can see above, just click on “Details” and go to your “Slideshow Music”.  This section will allow you to choose any song that is in your music/media library.  You can preview the music selection first, but make sure that you click “UPDATE”.  That’s IT!


The 10 new Moby songs have been released as of today (4/12/2011) and are available for immediate use!

If you need any assistance regarding music on your website, be sure to give the passionate support team a call toll-free at 866-463-7620 anytime M-F from 9AM to 8PM EST!


4 Responses to “10 New Songs added to Music Bank!”

  1. 1
    Danielle Says:

    AWESOME and thank-you so much! I adore Moby and my mouth dropped open when I read that there are 10 of these songs that we can use!!! My website has been songless for quite a long time and now it is anything but quiet.

    Thank-you again!

    Most Sincerely,

  2. 2
    Davis Goodman Says:

    thank you for adding more songs. they are wonderful. i have aready added two to my site.

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    Thank you for adding more songs. Unfortunately most of our clients are families with kids and I think this type of music is suited more for seniors. Or I could be getting old. lol

  4. 4
    Brandi Says:

    Like Danielle above, my website was also songless-thanks to your addition of Moby, whose music I love, my page is a nice balance of music and imagery. Thank you Photobiz and Moby.

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