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Monaco City (pictured above) is where the next PhotoBiz template gets it’s name.  We are really excited to introduce to you a brand new Fully Customizable template with a sleek and contemporary feel that is sure to get your client’s attention!  We have loaded Monaco with all of the tools you need to present your portfolio online, and PhotoBiz clients; it’s just 1 click away!


Let’s go through the basic layout of Monaco.  As you can see, your logo will be placed across the bottom with your navigation bar along the left side (similar to the last template Monte Carlo).  If you decide to use the icon bank, it will be placed in the upper right hand corner and still fully functional with the PhotoBiz color shifting to compliment your images.


One of my favorite features of Monaco is how the gradient background compliments the gradient border around your images.  It’s a unique touch to a very minimal template.  You have full control over this in your control panel and you can shift these colors with each image as well.



The animation in Monaco REALLY makes it stand out from the rest!  Have you ever seen the old Star Wars movie where the text at the beginning is coming from the back center of the screen to the front, kind of like a zooming effect?  That’s what the transition of your photos look like with this.  Each image zooms in from the top center of the screen to come in and fill the frame.

Fully customizable backgrounds are a great way to add your personal branding and touch to a website.  Above are a couple of examples, but we’d love to see yours in the comments.  Keep in mind that you can also upload a .PNG background to have your color shifting show through the transparency


Looking into the gallery pages, you will notice that your thumbnails are placed along the right side of the template.  With a simple roll-over, your thumbnail will appear the the left.  You can play/pause the slide show, and change the speed; however the transition bank will not be available for the home and gallery pages of Monaco.  They will still be available for information pages and contact pages.



Lastly, here is the cool loading symbol.  A cool bar wraps around the box and shows the percentage loaded in the middle.  All colors can be customized, but the loading symbol stays with the template.


So when is Monaco going to be released?  It’s available now!  Click Here for a Preview Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook for the latest news and discussions on Monaco and check out what everyone is saying in the PhotoBiz Community.




Big Thank You to our Featured Photographer on this Monaco Template Blair Phillips with Blair Phillips Photography.  He is also going to be featured as our photographer of the month for May 2011.

Connect with Blair:

Website : Blog : Studio’s Facebook : Workshop’s Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : Vimeo



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3 Responses to “Monaco”

  1. 1
    Derek Hill Says:

    Thanks for another great looking template!

  2. 2
    Heidie Marie Says:

    Excellent. LOVE IT!! Great job everybody!!

  3. 3
    DeMond Says:

    I love it.

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