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New Vastly Streamlined Checkout Process for PhotoBiz Stores

After gathering a lot of feedback and comments about our Store, we are happy to share some improvements to how customers checkout.

The first change is seen when your customer views their cart. Now they can enter a “Coupon Code” or promo code before they begin the checkout process. This is a nice bit of consolidation and simplification, to help people see their discounts applied.

The Navigation tabs have also been totally re-designed. Instead of the “You are Viewing” numbered breadcrumbs you previously saw, there are now arrowed tabs clearly displaying each step of the process, with the current step highlighted in the primary color of your Store.

Plus, the Billing and Shipping Information have been separated, and if your customer is checking out as a guest they are given another opportunity to set up an account by creating a password without having to start over.

But wait there is more, the Shipping Information has been streamlined to only display the shipping methods you set up for your Store, and with the separation of the billing and shipping information customers can now enter different information for shipping versus billing.

The consolidation continues with the Review/Payment page where you can now both enter your payment method and redeem gift cards in one place. The one page that remains the same is the Order Confirmation page.

Review Payment Screenshot


These upgrades to the Checkout process have been automatically applied to your Store at no charge. Once again, big thanks to you all who have contributed their ideas to making PhotoBiz products the best that they can be.

Enabling Splash Intro Pages on Sub-Sites

Splash IntroAlso now available by special request you will find splash intro pages for your Portfolio Sub-sites. In the past the splash intro icon was grayed out for Portfolio Sub-sites indicating it was unavailable, however now you will see the icon in full color, which means you can use this tool if you wish. We look forward to seeing how people utilize this extra splash page!

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    Suzanne F Says:

    Wow – great stuff as usual.  You are a really cool company who listen to your customers.  This is perfect for us and I am sure for so many other users of PhotoBiz products.  Thanks so much!

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