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PhotoBiz Store Large View Enhancements

PhotoBiz just released some major enhancements to the “Large View” in the PhotoBiz “Store” that will rock your client’s socks off!  Get ready to see a high powered presentation tool that provides the most dynamic and user friendly experience for you to show your images online.


[ Click on the image above to view a sample]

1) “Exit Slideshow”:  This view is meant to put all of the focus on your images and give you the best proofing display possible. We’ve taken away all distractions, however, we’ve decided to add back an exit button that will take you back to “Medium” view.

2) Slideshow Controls:  Our slideshow controls allow you to move back and forward between pictures as well as pause/play the slideshow.

3) Your Watermark:  Your pictures, your brand!  We want to make sure that your pictures are 100% safe in the hands of PhotoBiz.  Even though everything is right click protected so that no one can copy, save or print anything; we give you this added protection.  Simply upload your PNG watermark and our system will apply it to all of your photos with a single click.  You can choose the level of opacity that it will show on your photos.

4) Color Shifting:  The best proofing presentation online just got even better.  We’ve implemented the powerful color shifting feature of our Flash/HTML website collection and our Client Viewing System into the PhotoBiz Store.  This allows you to very easily select a color out of each image using an “eye dropper” tool to compliment the image.  If you’d prefer not to use this, all you have to do is leave it on the default settings.


There is also a new message that appears when you are transferring between different galleries in an event. [shown below]


Big Thanks to Hiram Trillo Art-Photography for showcasing these features with his incredible imagery. If you like the images above, be sure to check out his PhotoBiz website and connect with him online!

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