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Your Website Will Shine With Pigeon Point; Our Second Full Screen HTML5 Portfolio Site Design

Pigeon Point’s historic lighthouse is the tallest on the West Coast. At 115 feet, the tower stands on a rocky promontory and has long been a landmark for ships approaching San Francisco Bay.

Your logo will shine like a beacon in the top left corner of our latest HTML5 Portfolio Site full screen design. The social media icons are in the top right corner to give this design a balanced look. The navigation menu bar frames out the bottom of the screen, stretching the entire width of your website, regardless of how wide the display is.

PhotoBiz’s industry leading color-shifting technology applies to the logo and menu backgrounds to beautifully accent your images. With the Pigeon Point full screen HTML5 Portfolio site design you have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of another of our industry leading features – PhotoBiz HD! Upload your high resolution images for a breathtaking presentation.

When you mouse over menu items on the navigation bar, sub-menus pop up above the bar. Here, the selected color for the menu background has a “black alpha overlay”. This means the color is just a shade darker for an dramatic accent.

For displaying thumbnails of images in your galleries, we decided to play on the lighthouse tower motif. The vertically stacked thumbnails match your main design element colors, and the layout draws your visitor’s eye right toward your logo! Plus, they make sure nothing comes between your images and the viewer.

Pigeon Point is big, bold, and bright and we’ve developed all new color schemes to go along with it. Vibrant colors have been used throughout the Tabago, Tropical Paradise, and Crown Point color schemes to bring your portfolio to life.

Ready for a website that shines brighter than the competition? Pigeon Point is the right choice for you!

Special thanks to Lisa Mark for sharing her images for PhotoBiz’s Pigeon Point HTML5 Portfolio Site design sample!

View Pigeon Point HTML5 Portfolio Site Sample

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