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Pro-Tip: Make Your Photos Look Awesome Anywhere You Post Online


Nothing feels worse than uploading your photos to Facebook or your PhotoBiz site and seeing a washed-out version of your work. How can clients value your ability above their own amateur camera phone pics when your images look less than on the web?

Today we have a PhotoBiz Pro Tip from David S. of our Passionate Support team that will …

Pro Tip – Copy Images With Our Built-In Clipboard


A professional website needs a consistent look.

For example, the headshot you use on your “Home” page should be the same photo you have on your “About Us” page.

But uploading the same photo over and over can be tedious and a waste of your space. So today we’ll show you a quick “PhotoBiz Pro Tip” from Jaleel B., Web …

New! Get Your Logo Designed By PhotoBiz


One of the most important parts of your online presence is making sure people can identify you and your brand. This is where we want to help!

We have launched a new Logo Design Service and our team of designers can’t wait to partner with you to build your brand. Watch our video below to learn more:

 Ready to get …

Notice Anything New In Your Control Panel Lately?


We’re fans of anything that makes us more productive and efficient. We’ll take a hot shower while drinking our morning tea if that gets us out the door faster.

That’s why we’re constantly listening to feedback from you about the Photobiz experience, and thinking of new ways to help you awesomize your site faster.

Just last week we released a …

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