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The Truth About SEO, Mobile-Friendliness, and Google

truth-about-seo Based on how you answer the next 2 questions, Google’s April 21st mobile-friendly deadline can have a big effect on your business, or none at all. Ask yourself:

#1. Does my website rank for branded keywords or competitive keywords?

What’s the #1 keyword that sends traffic to your website? It’s likely that your top search term is your own company’s name.

Your employees, current customers, and other people who do business with you often do not type your web address directly into their browser. Instead they search for your company on Google, then click over to your website.

This behavior is called “branded search” because the person uses your brand name to find your website.

PhotoBiz vs Website Template Companies – Let’s Settle This


“One challenge I always hear from folks who don’t use PhotoBiz is:

‘Well, I can never get help with my website.

If I need help I have to pay a web developer.

Or I have to send an email.

Or I have to do a Google search.’

“With [PhotoBiz], we’re a phone call away.

“If it’s a technical question, or …

The 4 Keys to Picking the Perfect Font

typography_categories2 The fonts on your website are the last thing you think about, but the first thing your visitors notice. A bad font choice can clash with your overall site design and make your text unreadable. On the flip side, a smart use of fonts will quietly communicate your brand, enhance the presentation of your portfolio, and make your target customer instantly feel at home. You don't have to be a designer to learn the ins-and-outs of picking the best fonts for your website. We'll break it down into four key things to consider when choosing fonts for your website.

Custom Website Design for Growing Businesses


When you first launch a business everything is D-I-Y. You’re the owner and customer service and the plumber. All of those hats fit on your head.

But when you start to grow, you fire yourself from those jobs and hire outside talent. All of a sudden your perspective changes. The time you can save by getting professional help outweighs the …

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