3 New Templates: Austin, Salem & Park Avenue
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Friday, November 11, 2016
By Holly H.
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Austin features the ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE work of Miles of Smiles by Sarah Jordan. We love this little template for its simplicity and elegance – but it also has a couple tricks up its sleeve.


The main navigation is one of our new split menu styles, which displays the site's pages on either side of a prominent floating logo. Once the user scrolls down, the logo animates down to a smaller size, and the menu displays in a transparent top bar. 


For some reason, Salem reminds me of a glamorous coin-op photo booth... with its glitzy boxed background, heavy header and thick white lines. (Sort of like a polaroid :)


A split menu is also featured, leaving generous space for a logo that really stands out. The template gives a show, and shows off your images. 


THANK YOU to Jenn Lewis for allowing us to feature some of her stunning senior portraits on this template. 

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is pristine and expansive – accommodating large images, wide logos and keeping everything organized with a compact nav bar.


I love how free and open this template makes me feel. A perfect match for the awesome landscape photography of Tresa Martindale.

Take a look around our new templates:

Austin - Salem - Park Avenue 

All available in the site builder now for you to use for your website or commerce site. 


And in case you missed them:

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