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Wednesday, March 16, 2016
By Carrie H.
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If you're a loyal reader of our Growth Hub, you know that we've talked a lot about email marketing lately. From giving you ideas on emails to send, to providing real customer reviews, we really want you to see how awesome and easy this tool is to use, and how it can change your marketing workflow for the better.  


Client feedback is crucial for us. After the launch of email marketing in January, those that are using the product seem to have one common piece of advice:


Let us import our customer database so we don't have to use other email providers!!


Well guys, we listened!


As of today, you're able to bring over your customer database from your current mail provider. Here's what that process looks like:


Step 1: Export Your Contacts From Your Current Provider

  • Make sure to export as a .CSV file (It will be an option when you export - we promise!)
  • Save that file somewhere on your computer that's easily accessible


Step 2: Import Your Contacts Into Your PhotoBiz Account

  • Login to your PhotoBiz Account and click on the green Contacts icon at the top of your screen

  • Select Import and pull over the .CSV file you saved earlier

  • Choose whether the contact is a Customer, Lead, or Vendor

  • Tag your clients when you upload, to target your clients more effectively via email

  • Your contacts will load into your PhotoBiz account in batches up to 5,000 at a time

Now that's a 2-step you can get behind, right?!


If you want some help importing your contacts, give our Passionate Support Team a call. We're excited to see your database grow!

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Susan - Hello,

1. I was interested in doing this database. I have it on an Excell spreadsheet. Can you take an export as a CSV for this?

Also, am I able to export it once it is in this program back to a spreadsheet?

2. Do you have a scheduling program for appointments?

3. Is the contracts online something that we already pay for? How do we set this up?


Susan (ask for me when you call!)
Holly H - Hi Susan!

1. Yes! You can save your Excel spreadsheet as a CSV and import it. At any time you can download your contact list from your contact manager and open it with Excel.

2. We are currently developing a scheduling app! It's not quite ready, but once it's released you can use it to schedule all kinds of appointments.

3. You can use the Form builder to make all kinds of official online contracts, and it's included with every website. I'll have someone give you a call so you can talk about how to make some!

Thanks, Susan! :D