Is WordPress Best For SEO? (Nope.)
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Friday, May 06, 2016
By Holly H
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We got a great question on the blog last week from Danielle, who had heard a rumor that WordPress was the best platform to use for SEO. 


This is something we hear from time to time – it's a popular rumor! Somehow people believe that by just having a WordPress site they will be rewarded with higher rankings. I'm here to tell you that just isn't so. 


The platform you use has little to no impact on how your website ranks in search engines.

So what do search engines care about when ranking websites? 

Search engines have refined their algorithms to favor sites that serve up the most useful and interesting content. 


This means Google considers the quality of the information you publish as the most important factor for SEO


Beyond the quality of your site's content, search engines also consider your site's metadata, the number of links to your website, your navigation, traffic, and mobile-friendliness.


There's nothing in Google or Bing's search ranking algorithm that checks if a site is WordPress, Drupal, or hand-coded in HTML. Websites are websites, what matters is what's on 'em.


No, WordPress doesn't Automatically give you an edge in SEO.

Now, there are good plugins for WordPress that will help you configure your SEO. Yoast is a great one that allows you to input your metadata.


But that's not an example of "WordPress being good for SEO," it's an example of you having to do more work to get your WordPress template ready to POTENTIALLY optimize your SEO. It's not automatic. You have to use the tools in a smart, controlled way. WordPress or Yoast isn’t going to hold your hand or do it for you.


But you know who will?

This guy. (His name's Alex.)

At PhotoBiz, we have Google Certified Experts who can work with you 1-on-1 to help you optimize your site's content so you can achieve the highest ranking possible. We also cover blogging and link building strategies to get you maximum exposure, traffic, and referrals.


But beyond our SEO Services, your PhotoBiz site already has automatic SEO features built right in. 


PhotoBiz sites automatically publish your sitemap and generate meta titles, descriptions, and keywords for each page based on its content. And if you want to fine-tune your metadata, you can enter your own by clicking the “SEO” button to access the SEO settings for each page.



Want to know more about an SEO kickstart? Check out the details right here. 


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