Little Changes, Big Results
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Friday, January 22, 2016
By Carrie H.
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With a new calendar year comes a fresh opportunity to tweak your website. It's important to keep your site up to date - it gives visitors the appearance that you are a credible business, and it shows search engines that you have fresh, relevant content for those who come to your site.


Here are 5 little changes that can make a big difference to your website visitors:


1. Update your footer

It may seem small and overlooked, but the footer lives on every. single. page. of your website. Keep even the smallest of parts of your site polished by making sure the copyright date says the current year.



2. Make sure your Contact Page has current and clickable contact info

Utilizing a custom form on your contact page is a great way to gather the info you need from your visitors. Similarly, it's a good idea to also provide a phone number and business email address for those visitors that may want to go a different route to get in touch. Make the email address and phone number clickable so potential clients can easily contact your business.



3. Update your look without building a new site

Switch to a new template with just one click. Without rebuilding your whole site, preview other template designs, and switch to something new. Designs are released all through the year, so change up your look from time to time to encourage visitors to click through your site.



4. Give your galleries a makeover

Take a little time and switch out your gallery images to newer work. If you have repeat visitors to your site, they'll have new collections of work to see. Also, it shows that your business has been busy! Show off recent images to let clients know you're in demand. And don't forget - quality over quantity!



5. Brand yourself

It's 2016. As a business, there is no excuse for not having a logo. Wave goodbye to a text-version of your business name and get a logo that represents your brand in a visual way. As more visitors see your branding, it becomes recognizable and helps build loyalty.


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PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Appreciate you reading, Eabby!
Thanks for the tips, you are absolutely right. Michael - I have recently followed your advise.
Eabby - Thanks for the reminder.
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