Love Paying Bills? Don’t Read This.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015
By Carrie H. & John K.
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Don’t you just love paying 47 different people for all the different services you use?


Well, we don’t either.


Between payroll, utilities, equipment and maintenance costs (not to mention your online services…) running a business can drain your bank account and your free time fast. Especially if you’re still paying for every little service separately. How awesome would it be if you could combine some bills and even save money? 


We’re here to tell you there’s a better way.


Think about popular online and brick-and-mortar retailers like Target and Amazon. Why are they so successful?


Because they’re the one place where you can buy all kinds of different items without running all over town. You’re able to walk through doors or type in a URL and instantly purchase everything you need all in one place. That’s awesome.


And if you really think about it, PhotoBiz functions much the same.


We have all the tools you need to build an online presence for your business under one roof.


         ✓ Domain Name Registration


         ✓ Customizable Forms


         ✓ Branded Email


         ✓ Online (& Mobile App!) Proofing Galleries


         ✓ Hosting


         ✓ One, single membership


         ✓ Website, Blog & Ecommerce


         ✓ Personal Brand Consultant, & Trusted Team of Experts


Instead of having 5 or more different bills to pay for just your website, talk to our team about getting everything under one roof. We’ll show you how you can streamline your brand and manage your online presence in one place.


Your website, proofing galleries, domain name, branded email and hosting can be managed from a single dashboard and you’ll just have one lower bill to pay. Plans start at $25 a month and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working alongside a longstanding, trusted internet company. (Just look at our reviews!)


Seriously, give us a call. If you find yourself paying way too many bills or feeling like your brand is all over the place, we can absolutely help you get everything together and probably save you some money in the process.

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