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Friday, February 06, 2015
By Carrie H.
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What's the best way to keep customers coming back for more? Three words: Build. Customer. Loyalty.


The good news? We have a brand new Client Relationship Builder that will help take your customer communications from smoke signals to iPhone 7 levels.


So what's new? Client Relationship Builder


  1. Visual Form Builder - Never again feel limited by a form on your website. Build forms that fit your business, and gather the information you need from clients. Third-party forms? No need. With our new visual form builder, everything you need to build forms for any purpose is within your control panel.
  2. Integrated Contact Management - Nerd words aside, this means anytime a client submits a form, or places an order through your website, their information is automatically saved for you. There is even a special section for each person detailing their history with your company - forms, orders, invoices, and more. And it's all in one place!
  3. In-line Conversation Tool - Since you'll have access to each client and their history with your business, we added a little "icing on the cake" by giving you the opportunity to communicate with those clients from within your control panel. And you'll see the discussion without searching through a mountain of emails in your inbox.

Wait, did somebody say it was FREE?


If you're currently a PhotoBiz client, all it takes is logging into your Control Panel. There is no extra charge for these three new tools, and we have already updated your account to include them. Want a little extra info on how everything works? Check out the walk-thru video in your Control Panel to learn more.


For those of you who are interested in these tools, but aren't a PhotoBiz client just yet, we've set up a special page for you to get more information. Take a look here to find out how PhotoBiz can grow your business.

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