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Thursday, September 17, 2015
By Holly H.
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We’ve just launched Online Proofing and we’re over the moon!


If you’ve been following us on social media, you know how hype we are about today’s launch! New Proofing blows our old system out of the water and comes bursting with features and tools that make it easy to wow clients, make more sales, and share the love with your favorite people.


Here, check it out!




Not to be immodest, but new Proofing rocks. (I mean, have you seen these features!?) Get a load of all the wholesome goodness we’ve packed into our rebuilt platform:


Customizable Splash Page

Impress clients from the first moment. Pick an image that will “wow” straight from your client’s gallery and brand their experience with your colors, logo and company name.


Choose Your Layout

We’ve included multiple layout options for you to easily arrange beautiful client galleries that show your images in their best light.


100% Responsive Design

View on a tablet, mobile phone or laptop — Online Proofing looks amazing on every device with no apps, devices, or download required.


Online Galleries Built for Sharing

Send photos to friends, family… share with whoever you choose! Give clients a chance to share their special moments (and grow your contact list, too!).


Interactive, Immersive In-Person Experience

Clients LOVE control. Let them hold, touch, save, share and make comments on their faves to multiply your in-person portrait sales.


Sell to Friends and Family

Mom’s gonna love these photos (and so will your cousins, aunts, friends, old roommates…) Cast your net wide and score more sales. Thanks, internet!


Invoicing & Biz Tools built right in

Possibly best of all, Proofing is jam-packed with useful biz tools like Invoicing, Contacts & Conversations so you can show off your work, get paid fast and keep the conversation going way beyond the first sale.


Sorry, HERE'S the best news: If you’re a current client, you’ll get new Proofing for free! It’s live right now, so go ahead and try it out! (If you’re not seeing it yet, just log out and log back in to refresh your dashboard.)


If you’re new to PhotoBiz, you can get our new Proofing product (with Invoicing, Contacts & Conversations included) on its own for only 10 bucks a month, Legendary Support included. OR for a few bucks more you might consider a PhotoBiz portfolio, blog or ecommerce website, which is packed with so many goodies it’s absurd… but we digress. For now, let’s enjoy the feeling; Proofing is here!


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Roxanne - Hi,

So excites about this feature. When i click the link to find out more, it redirects me to a pages that ask for an event password... What do I enter?
My photobiz password doesnt work.