New! Parallax Scrolling Banners
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
By Holly H.
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What our designers.


Made for you.



Because we love you.


And we want your website to look awesome.

By request: Scrolling Parallax Banners (we call them FX Banners) ready for you to use on any custom page.


Add as many as you like. Overlay text to make a cool feature banner fast – no coding required.


Check out how FX banners look and feel on our newest template: Seattle

You can use FX banners right now. They're live and ready for you to use on any custom page.



If you'd like a walkthrough or need some help using FX Banners on your website, give us a call at 866.463.87620. We'll be happy to help!


We're also excited to see how you use the new FX Banners! Post a link and let us see your cool designs :D

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