New Templates: Aurora, Cheyenne & Fitzroy
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Thursday, March 02, 2017
By Holly H
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New templates out for you today! Aurora is a full-screen beauty, Cheyenne gives you a classic (no-scrolling) portfolio design, and Fitzroy is a high-end fashion magazine brought to life. Check out the new looks!


BIG thank-you to our featured photographers: Zara Ashby, Penny McGoey, and Marigold Meagher!


Aurora features edge-to-edge design, filling the entire window with beautiful photography.


There's nothing to get in the way of your images here. Instead of a menu bar, a minimal hamburger menu rests in the top corner. When clicked, a full screen pop-out menu appears with the site's navigation and social icons. This is our first template that features this kind of menu. We're stoked!


Huge thank you to Zara Ashby for letting us use her stunning images on the Aurora sample. Amazing work!


Some people dig long pages that can scroll for miles. Others are firmly on team NO SCROLL and prefer a contained experience for showcasing photos. 


We built Cheyenne just for all you anti-scrollers out there. It's a portfolio style template with fixed-height gallery pages and a compact top navigation menu. 


Cheyenne lets you achieve the classic portfolio look easily. So if you've been hanging on to a "PhotoBiz Classic" template, Cheyenne is a great option for moving to the new sitebuilder. We can even help you set it up!


Enormous thanks to Penny McGoey of Becoming Images for loaning us her images to use on the sample. Brilliant work!


Fitzroy looks like it was ripped straight from the pages of a high-end fashion magazine.


Editorial style images do especially well here – each given space and complemented by chunky borders and a wide vertical menu. This menu style keeps the viewer anchored, while letting them scroll endlessly through your gorgeous images.


Giant thank you to Marigold Meagher of Powerful Petticoats for letting us feature her gorgeous images on the sample. You rock!

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