New Templates: NYC, Palm Beach & Lancaster
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Friday, October 14, 2016
By Holly H
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In NYC, the high fashion work of Craig Stidham looks at home in a modern gallery setting, with nothing to get in the way of his arresting photos.


The logo is ever present, sliding down the margin with the viewer as they scroll.  This template also features a new type of minimalist menu with vertically stacked options. 


Lancaster features the work of Lancashire Weddings and has a unique design: the top menu is split, with links on either side of Neil's logo.


As you scroll down the page, the large logo header resizes and remains fixed throughout the visitor's stay on the website.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is light and breezy, giving ample space to show off the magical imagery of Secret Garden Photography


Generous banners take centerstage, and are grounded by a slim menu that snaps to the top of the browser as the viewer scrolls down the page. 

Take a look around our new templates:

NYC  -  Lancaster  -  Palm Beach


And in case you missed them:

Rockingham  -  Brooklyn  -  Playa Del Amor

Paradise Beach  -  Santa Rosa  -  Pigeon Point

Pea Beach  -  Copacabana  -  Key West

Green Beach  -  Carolina Beach  -  Seattle


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Gerardo Hidalgo - How can I switch from my current template to the new ones?