Why Are Chip Cards A Thing?
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
By Carrie H.
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When you get a new bank card, it can be a hassle to keep all of your accounts updated. That’s why we’ve made it easy to updating your PhotoBiz account super easy.

It only takes a minute, and you can use our mobile app or log into your account online. (And for people who like things extra simple, we have annual membership options, too.)

Give our team a call if you have questions and we’re happy to help you out. Now let’s take a closer look at what the new EMV chips and what they mean for you.


Have you gotten your new card yet?


Even though your current credit or debit cards may not expire for months or even years, companies are now issuing new cards with an important new feature - EMV chips.



What is the chip?

You'll notice a new square computer chip on the front of your replacement card. This little chip better protects against fraud by creating a unique set of data for each transaction. The traditional magnetic strips on the back of the card contain only one set of data, making it easier to reuse the card if stolen.


The goal is to reduce credit card fraud by adding extra levels of protection.

Your new chip card protects you in two ways. First, credit card numbers and transaction information is more thoroughly encrypted. Secondly, having the physical chip embedded within the card, makes it harder for fake credit cards to be manufactured.


Is there a difference when I pay with a chip card?

You will notice that paying with your chip card is a little different than a traditional swipe. In order for a credit card terminal to read the data from the chip, you will insert your card into the terminal and leave it for a few seconds while the data is processed. Some have reported that it takes a little longer than the card swipes we're used to, but it's still a relatively quick process.


Because chip cards are still fairly new, some retailers won't yet be equipped with terminals that have chip readers. You'll notice chip cards still contain the magnetic strips we're all used to, so the card can still be used at locations that aren't fully up to speed with chip readers.


Do I need to prepare for any of this?

We suggest keeping track of your recurring subscriptions or payments that are associated with your credit or debit card. Once you receive and activate your new chip card, you'll need to remember to update your card number with companies that automatically charge the card for services each month.


If you're a PhotoBiz customer, you can update your payment information from your control panel, or from our PhotoBiz to Go App.


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If you're a retailer, or if you have other questions about chip cards and terminals, we recommend contacting your merchant directly.

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