Getting Paid Online? Brand Your Receipt!
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Thursday, November 17, 2016
By John K
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Your PhotoBiz account lets you take payments in many ways. Whether it’s with Invoicing, Forms, or you have an ECommerce Site, you can conveniently collect payments from your customers online however you like.  


Did you know that your customers automatically get a branded receipt from you when they’ve made their payment? It's sent strait to their email with all the details of their purchase.    


Beyond just a confirmation of their purchase, your receipt is another opportunity for you to show your branding and create a seamless experience for your clients.


You can build up your brand recognition and show your credibility by making sure you complete your receipt settings in the ECommerce section of your account so the receipt shows your logo and creates that recognition.  


You can also include all of your studio contact information (address, phone, etc.) to show your professionalism and give your customers an easy way to contact you in case they have any questions.  


Most importantly, you can tailor a custom thank you message to acknowledge your customers once they’ve paid you.   


This is a very easy section to complete and one of the most important areas on your account because it’s the acknowledgement your customers get once they’ve paid for their session or completed their order from your studio.

If you'd like some help configuring your receipt settings, give us a call at 866.463.7620


We'd be happy to help you get everything set up the way you want, and talk about any and all things related to your website and web presence. 

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