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Friday, December 09, 2016
By Holly H
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Introducing: Cambridge

Cambridge comes to us by special request.


After our last big template release, one of our lovely readers commented that they wanted to see a template that could better accommodate vertical images. We challenged our senior designer, Ashely, to come up with a solution. 


She fired back with Cambridge, which features the awesome portraiture of Cheryl Clegg

In truth, any template can display vertical images well. But to date we hadn't put forth many designs that strongly featured vertical format images.


We were pleased to be offered this chance to fulfill a special request and release another clean, modern template that will thrill our clients. 

Take a look around Cambridge, and try it out on your own website if you'd like by going to Design ... and then Templates in the site builder.


Thank you for reading, and an extra special thank you to Cheryl Clegg for allowing us to feature her on this new template.


Is there anything else you'd like to see? Let us know!

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